A “Democracy” Attacks Democracy – Back To The Ol’ Media Blackout!

Originally posted at https://www.facebook.com/FilterThis on November 19, 2012


The Usual Israeli Propaganda:

“The Israeli military said the strikes targeted Hamas communications equipment on the buildings’ rooftops and accused the group of using journalists as ‘human shields’.” (CBS News)


Back Here, in the Land Called Reality…

“Around 15 reporters and photographers wearing vests with the word ‘TV Press’ were on the building’s roof at the time, covering the Israeli air strikes.” (Reporters Without Borders)


List of international news organizations reporting either wounded journalists and/or destroyed offices:

– Press TV (Iran)

– RT News (Russia)

– Al Aqsa TV (Palestine)

– SAFA TV (Palestine)

– Ma’an (Israel, Palestine)

– Al Quds TV (Lebanon)

– ARD (Germany)

– Sky News Arabia (UAE)

– Al Arabiya (Saudi Arabia)

– Reuters (US) (whoops!)


ON TOP OF THE USUAL Israeli laundry list of illegal acts, war crimes, and crimes against humanity, such as (but not limited to): the routine targeting and killing of civilians, constant, mass-kidnapping, political assassinations, the settlements and their ultra-violent residents, restriction of movement, restriction on goods, restriction of life-sustaining commodities – such as water, the use of chemical weapons – again, against civilians…

They’re back to targeting – intentionally – the international media.

The targeting and attacking of not only civilians – old people, women, and children – is heinous enough. Not that it’s any worse, but the targeting of the international press is a sordid, blasphemous, and hypocritical affair of its own. Both are war crimes, in gross violation of the Geneva Accord and other mandates of international law. Yet, the irony, i certainly hope, is not lost on you…

For the most powerful nation in the world – as well as the most powerful proxy in the Near East – to call themselves “democracies” is a most callous, offensive, and warped joke, to be sure.

But to add insult to injury and to go ’round the world speaking so loftily of this so-called “democracy”, to make such “democratic” demands of a free press upon other nations wishing to join the international markets and security organizations, and to chide nations such as China and Russia for their own lack of free speech – is a preposterous, farcical, and cynical notion. “Do as we say – but not as we do.” Or, as Noam likes to say:

“Democracy’s fine for us – just not for you.”

Honestly, what do you think US and Israeli leaders are thinking? That by attacking the international news outlets and their journalists that their war crimes will forever go unnoticed?

Then again – judging by most Americans’ handle on international news – this media blackout may, in truth, simply be unnecessary.

Most of you will believe whatever the fuck they tell you, anyway.



11/18/12: Reporters Without Borders Condemns Air Strikes On News Media In Gaza City:



11/18/12: Russian TV office destroyed in Israeli attack on Gaza. Press TV:



4/9/03: US bombs Al-Jazeera center in Baghdad. World Socialist Web Site:



11/13/01: Al-Jazeera Kabul offices hit in US raid. BBC:



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