The Fallacy of Direct Negotiations

ISRAEL AND THE US CLAIM that they will vote “no” in tomorrow’s Palestinian UN bid for observer state status because Palestine refuses to directly negotiate with Israel.

Right. Okay.

i’ve already told you why the terrorist states, the US and Israel, are attempting (in vein) to thwart this all-but-guaranteed, successful motion; in a nutshell, it gives Palestine access to the International Criminal Court, and generally speaking, lends Palestine more international visibility, legitimacy, and clout. It’s also quite embarrassing for the US and Israel. As with so many motions at the UN, the US, Israel, Canada, and perhaps the UK – will be represent virtually the only “no” votes out of about 190 – though this time – the UK may either vote “yes” or abstain. Tomorrow, France will represent another break from tradition if they vote as pledged, and Australia will likely abstain, though it’s scantly possible to see a “yes” vote from the land down under.

As i’ve tirelessly said – the cracks have appeared. And ignoring them won’t help.

But back to this fallacious and farcical reasoning of denying Palestine one more step towards statehood and/or international recognition –

i think it’s pretty clear, even to the casual observer, that the Camp David Accords (and Oslo, and the rest) –

Have been none too effective.

The White House photo-ops with Clinton, Arafat, and Barak (no, that as in former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, dumbass) were cute.

The accord itself was for shit. i’d like to pose a few questions to help clear up this matter of “negotiations”, regarding the Camp David Accord:


Did it stop the routine invasions and bombings of Gaza (and Lebanon)?


Did it end the periodic mass slaughters of refugees in Gaza, Jordan, and Lebanon?

Of course not.

Did it end the illegal 45 year-old brutal military occupation of the territories?

Yeah, right.

Did it cease the illegal practices of population transfer or movement of life-sustaining goods and services (Geneva, Article 53)?

Umm, no.

Did it curtail the regular kidnappings, indefinite detention (even of minors, many of whom ended up raped), or torture of Palestinians?


Did it bring an end to the exponential growth of the ultra-militant settlements?

Try again.

Did it bring to a close the protocol of collective punishment or use of excessive, unwarranted, and disproportionate force?


Has Israel adhered to the agreed UN Security Council Resolution 242 that calls for withdrawal from the territories altogether?

(Foot tapping…)


A lotta good Camp David was.


For the US and Israel to practically beg the Palestinians not to finally mobilize the support of the international community and resort to inclusion at the UN – which is long overdue – is pathetic.

This is just like the schoolyard bully offering the poor kid he just ripped off or beat up a candy bar, so that the aggrieved won’t run off and tell the principal.

Just pathetic.

Israel: “Oh, please, please, please, don’t go to the UN! We’ll even curtail settlement-building (a promise to soon be reneged upon)! Come, on, let’s just talk this out amongst ourselves – we can be reasonable. We don’t need to involve the international community!”

“No? Fine. Then run for cover bitches, ’cause we’re about to bomb your asses, level your cities, and kill your innocents – AGAIN.”

This is “democracy” and “negotiation”, Israeli-style.

All directly supported by you, the good American taxpayer.

The blood isn’t just on the US President’s hands – it’s on yours, too.


Palestine will be victorious tomorrow. And, you know what’s so ironic about all of this? Aside from the obvious fact that a once-persecuted people has subjugated their next-door neighbors – all of them – to intimidation, at the least, and at worst, brutal apartheid and a lighter version of genocide?

They brought this on themselves, totally and unequivocally.

By way of their knee-jerk reaction and hypersensitivity to external hostility, Israel has created a host of enemies, an undying network of resistance groups like Hamas and Hezbollah, not to mention, because of its policy of unabated aggression and its status as a warfare state, it is on the verge of social implosion.

And perhaps even worse – it has lost a tremendous amount of international support that was once unquestioned and unwavering; this, they once had in the palm of their hand. Not anymore. Their transparent effort of “democracy” by way of invasion, mass killing, brutal occupation, and apartheid, has become all too clear to the rest of the world. Netanyahu and the Likud Party, as well as past leaders and their policies, are running their own nation straight into the ground; they represent over sixty years of continuous George W. Bush administrations. They have lost what the Chinese call the “Mandate of Heaven”, they have lost international sympathy, and their experiment has failed miserably –


As tomorrow will clearly demonstrate.


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