semitic (adj): of, relating to, or constituting a subfamily of the Afro-Asiatic language family that includes Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic, and Amharic

The Semitic Monitor is a nonprofit, unfunded, non-aligned, and completely independent blog for independent minds.

The primary aim of The Semitic Monitor is to inform the few stray souls who have stumbled across this blog on the unreported and under-reported facts, events, and stories from the Near East region, particularly the Occupied Territories.

The “Editor” or of this blog may be considered a political independent with very socially liberal views. As such, Editor is very feisty about speaking up for the abused, the subjugated, the oppressed – generally, for those who don’t have a voice.

Propaganda is thus denounced and rejected; false, transparent, and insidious claims of “anti-Semitism” will not be refuted – it will not even be entertained with the usual quid pro quo-style of bickering found on most blogs. As an intelligent and well-steeped analyst, Editor feels that departing from the bounds of serious discussion is unwarranted, counterproductive, and the task of a lesser breed of pseudo-intellectuals. This blog comes from the land of Sanity, Reason, and Humanity, not from the fairytale land of make-believe, corruption, and deception.

Editor is a vehemently staunch defender of the human and civil rights of all peoples around the world. If you happen to side with the oppressors, that is your own poor and despicable choice; don’t blame others for calling you on your smoke-and-mirrors act; don’t hate on those in this fight – this war of information, who have more facts at their disposal than you and your outlandish rhetoric.

Love, peace, understanding, fairness, and justice will prevail. Lies may serve their evil masters well for awhile, but at some point, the cracks appear and the tyrants will fall.

Civil comments are welcome; slander, hatred, and lies will not be tolerated.

Thanks for reading. Spread the word.


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