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The Likud Party: A Contest of Crazy

Descriptions of the Likud Party in Israeli politics as “conservative” are simply too kind to conservatism.

Calling the Likud “conservative” is the understatement of the year; they make true conservatives – say, the “old school Republican” – look as liberal as a gay black man at a women’s rights march on a southern California university campus. Bibi Netanyahu and today’s Likud is starkly reminiscent of the George W. Bush administration – they like to torture, they like to attack and invade sovereign territory, and they could care less if they wreck their own nations in the process.

What’s even worse (yeah, it gets worse) – is that not only do you have a terrorist, flagrantly illegal outfit running the nation – but it’s also been co-opted by a bunch of messianic-minded rabbis. It would be similar to Dubbya’s cabinet – if he also assigned John Hagee, Fred Phelps, and Terry Jones to cabinet positions or gave them the coveted nod of official advisor. Let us not forget – Israel is no democracy, as falsely advertised; it is a merely a modern theocracy – but a theocracy, nonetheless. Near East scholars such as Noam Chomsky and Richard Falk have repeatedly stated that even that other theocracy, Iran, is more democratic than Israel. On the exterior, yes, you have a technocratic facade, built around universities, guided missile factories, and tech companies. Underneath the transparent veneer, however, lies the equally or more powerful architecture of rabbis that remind the culturally-inclined American of popular “end times” hucksters found in megachurches; militant zealots who make no bones about their preference for bloody hell over giving up one single settlement; and like-minded neocons, who, like their American counterparts, are experts in the Machiavellian art of deceiving the public – the devil in disguise, if you will. And, just like the Devil, they are professional liars of the highest order, with unparalleled skill at mixing a few horrible lies among a sea of more palatable truths.

One more obvious parallel that nonetheless must be noted: Israel, while always having been the terrorist aggressors in the region, have long maintained the illusion of still being the victims. Until now. This historically documented trend of a socially imploding and recklessly militant superpower should be all too apparent to wide-awake Americans, especially after Dubbya’s fascist march to internal combustion. Or Rome. Or – Nazi Germany, while we’re at it.

The world has heard Israel cry wolf for decade after decade – yet, just as the internet has been an integral and invaluable asset in slowly shedding light upon September Morning in the US, it has also been a critical asset in the expose of Israel’s policy of apartheid.

Without further ado, please have a look at the terrific article attached below. While this blog is primarily a platform for the Editor’s own words and thoughts, there will occasionally be posts primarily dedicated to other works; Editor wishes to not to start yet one more, unoriginal blog out in the vast expanse of the digital universe that primarily copies and pastes other writers’ works (much less, without properly assigning credit). Having said all this, Noam Sheifaz’s piece deserves a look.


Here’s are two short excerpts:

“All the so-called Likud “moderates,” except for Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin, were pushed out of the top seed and will probably be out of the Knesset; that includes ministers Benny Begin, Michael Eitan and Dan Meridor. The most vocal backbenchers – those behind attacks on the left, Arabs and human rights NGOs – won the day. The Likud looks right now like the Tea Party’s dream team…”

“One final note: More than anything, this list is the result of the occupation. The longer it lasts, the crazier this country gets. And it’s happening faster than people think.”



Sheifaz, N. “The Likud presents: the craziest, most radical list ever expected to win elections.” 11/26/12. +972 Magazine.